How can I trust you when there are so many scams on the internet?
This is a very valid concern. I have been producing Boer Goats for the past 28 years and export to many countries around the world. I have many contactable references in South Africa and internationally. I am active in the Boer Goat industry, have written books on Boer Goat farming, present training courses in South Africa and other countries and have a hard-won reputation as an ethical, honest and reliable person with high moral values. Many articles on my farming operation have been published in various print, broadcast and digital media. A quick Google search should allay any concerns you may have.

Can you export to my country?
I can export to any country whose import requirements I can meet and which are reasonable. I can and have exported to most countries in Africa, the Middle East, many in Asia and in South and Central America. Certain countries require Boer Goats to be tested for almost every conceivable disease – whether they are susceptible to that disease or not – and these unrealistic and onerous requirements make if unfeasible to export to these countries. Due to unreasonable political interference and hidden agendas often driven by competitor lobbying, some countries do not allow the import of live animals from South Africa. This includes the USA, Canada, the EU, New Zealand and Australia.

Do you sell directly or through auctions?
I generally sell my breeding animals directly to buyers but may sell through my own production sale from time to time. Buyers are welcome to contact me for a quote.

Do you always have Boer Goats for sale?
I generally always have animals for sale but remember that farming is not a supermarket where you select goods off a shelf. A have two production cycles per year but have many orders to fill each year. If you are interested in buying my Boer Goats, plan ahead to make sure that your order can be filled as soon as humanly possible. My animals are offered on a first paid, first served basis. Due to the nature of livestock farming and the demands it makes on grazing capacity, resource management and cashflow, I unfortunately cannot hold animals for you.

Do you sell slaughter animals?
My prime focus is producing top quality breeding Boer Goats for export and for local buyers. I do however, have a small number of live animals for the slaughter market each year. These lots consist of old does and animals – mostly bucks – that are not of a high enough quality to breed with.

Do you deliver?
South African orders can be delivered at commercial transport rates depending upon quantity and distance from my farm in the Eastern Cape. Export orders obviously include air freight and transport to the airport as part of the complete and comprehensive service I offer.

How old are the Boer Goats you sell?
The youngest Boer Goats I sell are around 10 months old for does and around 14 months for bucks. Animals younger than that are not sufficiently grown out for sale yet.

Are your prices market related?
I produce functionally efficient Boer Goats and am proud of their quality, condition and good health. Their animal health treatments are all up to date and their essential vaccinations have been done. You will certainly find Boer Goats advertised on various platforms for cheaper, you get what you pay for. It is impossible to invest in quality for a bargain price. Breeding animals can never sell for less than slaughter animals offered for sale on the open market.

Can I visit your farm?
You are welcome by prior arrangement to visit my farm for animal viewing and to assure yourself that I am who and what I profess to be. Do not, however, visit with the unreasonable expectation that I will share my business model, contacts, experience and on-farm operations with you for free.