Patriot Boer Goat Stud

Fertility - Mothering Ability - Hardiness - Adaptability

Patriot Boer Goats

Functionally-efficient animals since 1993

Since 1993, Patriot Boer Goat Stud has been breeding functionally efficient Boer Goats that epitomise the core values of the South African Boer Goat breed. 

We farm under extensive conditions near Philippolis in the Upper Karoo region of the Free State Province of South Africa.  Here we produce hardy veld-adapted animals that perform exceptionally well with minimal inputs. 

Our Boer Goats increase the profitability of your Boer Goat flocks here in Southern Africa and in many countries across the world.

Patriot Boergoat Stud is registered with SA Studbook and we participate in the National Animal Improvement Scheme. Farm-based performance figures – generated by our industry-leading BenguFarm flock management software – are available to all buyers. This is just a further assurance that you are buying outstanding breeding material that will assist you to achieve your own objectives.

Passion & Expertise

Our passion is pure blood Boer Goats. We breed no other livestock types excepting this phenomenal meat goat breed, indigenous to South Africa. Our expertise has been honed over many years of practical experience gained through good years and bad, drought, cold, floods and poor markets.

Functional Efficiency

Performance, not appearance alone, drives our breeding objectives. Our Boer Goats are able to perform outstandingly on natural grazing with minimal inputs save for good management. Stall-feeding is anathema to our focus on producing functionally efficient animals.

Integrity & Honesty

Our clients all over Africa, the Middle East and Asia have come to know us as straightforward and honest breeders who maintain the highest standards of ethics and integrity. We welcome visitors to our farm by prior arrangement and answer any questions a buyer may have.

Core Values

We have never lost sight of the core values of the Boer Goat breed, viz. hardiness, fertility, mothering abilities, adaptability and rapid growth rate under natural conditions. Modern animal production demands these traits in order to boost efficiency and increase profits for the livestock breeder.

“Fact: If your doe is not kidding, she has contributed zero income to your farming operation; she has in fact cost you money."

Johan Steyn, owner, Patriot Boer Goat Stud