Patriot Does for sale.

We always have well-bred, functionally efficient Boer Goats for sale. These Patriot does come straight off the veld where they have been raised without any supplements excepting immediately prior to and during the kidding season. They are not specially prepared for buyers and present an honest picture of what a hardy Boer Goat doe should be, ready to work.

Please do not compare our hardy, functionally efficient Boer Goats to the stall-fed, low libido, high input cost animals often offered for sale on auctions. These Patriot does are ready to work and produce under extensive farming conditions with minimum inputs.

Please contact me on 072 594 4626 or email me should you be interested in any of the animals. Our cell phone reception on the farm is poor but please leave a detailed message and I will return your call. You are also welcome to email, SMS or Whatsapp me.