Breeding Objectives

Posted on May 14, 2015 · Posted in Uncategorized

Our breeding objectives here at Patriot Boer Goat Stud are:

  • To breed Boer Goat does with high fertility and good mothering abilities that, when combined with good management inputs, easily deliver kidding percentages of 180% and weaning percentages in the region of 165%.
  • To breed Boer Goats that are hardy and display above average disease resistance with minimal animal health inputs.
  • To breed Boer Goats that do not need ongoing supplementary feeding (as opposed to strategically supplied mineral supplements).
  • To use our livestock, including our Boer Goats, to improve the condition of our natural veld through a holistic farming approach and managed grazing practices, thereby making our farming enterprise sustainable.
  • To supply Boer Goats that are functional, adaptable and that are an economic asset for the flocks of our buyers.


Quick Facts

  • Fertility is the most important element of livestock farming.
  • Good mothering abilities significantly contribute to profitability.
  • Hardiness and disease resistance reduce your input costs and contribute to profitability.
  • Patriot Boer Goats easily deliver high weaning percentages of 180% and better.
  • Patriot Boer Goats are highly adaptable which means they produce in a wide range of environments and farming systems.
  • Our Boer Goats receive supplements at strategic periods in our production cycle. However, we do not artificially boost weight and growth through continuous and unsustainable stall feeding practices.