Posted on May 6, 2015 · Posted in Conformation
Patriot Boer Goat Stud doe

Patriot Boer Goat Stud doe in prime condition

Your initial impression of Patriot Boer Goats is their outstanding conformation, size, uniformity and excellent good health obtained only from well-managed natural veld grazing.

We strive to breed large-framed animals with sturdy legs that allow them to walk long distances over rough terrain easily.  A smooth hair coat is important to ensure that burrs, thorns, seeds and other irritants are avoided.  This smooth coat grows a thick undercoat with the onset of winter, protecting our animals against the severe winters we experience.  While a tawny sand colour through to dark chocolate brown head and neck is acceptable according to the breed standards, our personal preference is for a rich dark brown that emphasises the noble heritage of our beautiful Boer Goats.