Since 1994, Patriot Boer Goat Stud, Graaff-Reinet, South Africa, has been breeding functionally efficient, veld-adapted Boer Goats that increase the profitability of your Boer Goat flocks here and in many countries across the world.


Fertility and outstanding mothering abilities are very important in our stud objectives. As a goat breeder, you need to wean healthy, heavy kids rapidly and at a low cost in order to guarantee profitability. This ensures the sustainability of your farming operation.  Patriot Boer Goat Stud delivers this essential factor; consistently meeting your requirements. Our clients are assured that our genetics, combined with their management inputs, will make a significant difference in their flocks.


Fact: If your doe is not kidding, she has contributed zero income to your farming operation; she has in fact cost you money.

Our goats are raised on natural veld grazing with mineral lick supplements. We farm in an area that is a mixture of Karoo mountainveld and shrub grazing. The climate ranges from hot (daytime temperatures vary between 30 – 43°C) in summer when most of our rainfall occurs, to cold (-8°C – 20°C) with frost and snow in winter. This environment, especially the mountainous terrain, provides our Boer Goats with the ideal conditions that develop functional and fertile veld-adapted animals that perform consistently in your flocks.


We do not subscribe to the practice of stall feeding to produce animals that may superficially appear to be well-grown and rounded but that compromises the ability of the animal to perform under extensive conditions with minimum inputs.


Patriot Boergoat Stud is registered with SA Studbook and we participate in the National Animal Improvement Scheme. Farm-based performance figures – generated by our industry-leading Herdmaster flock management software – are available to all buyers. This is just a further assurance that you are buying outstanding breeding material that will assist you to achieve your own objectives.

Latest Work

We are proud to showcase some of our Boer Goats we have bred over the years.

We believe in minimal inputs, extensive farming conditions, hardy and functionally efficient animals that can produce outstanding results under varying conditions.

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Read more about our Breeding Objectives, Bloodlines & Genetics, Goat Conformation and other aspects here.

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Breeding Objectives


Our breeding objectives here at Patriot Boer Goat Stud are: To breed Boer Goat does with high fertility and good mothering abilities that, when combined with good management inputs, easily.. read more

Bloodlines & Genetics


Bloodlines from Izak Vorster, Francois Maritz and Koenie Cotze have been used in the past to establish the stud. As part of our breeding improvement program we do from time.. read more



Your initial impression of Patriot Boer Goats is their outstanding conformation, size, uniformity and excellent good health obtained only from well-managed natural veld grazing. We strive to breed large-framed animals.. read more